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Die Schweiz tanzt will be an interactive documentary about the dance community in Switzerland. We invite all dance lovers to participate actively in this exciting film project.

Our goal with this project is to develop a new kind of documentary – and to give the swiss dance community an unique opportunity to present themselves. On this internet platform, the public decides along with our online community who the main protagonists are and develop the content of the film – in a constant dialogue with our film crew.


Phew. A lot. We've been working on this film for a year. We traveled more than 2500 km through Switzerland, looking for exciting stories about dance. We've replied to thousands of emails and had hunderds of telephone conversations. We stood in front and behind the camera, tried to be available day and night. The online community and our dance community have kept on motivating us through their feedback.

Last year, we've started the project website and started to look for our protagonists with the help of our community. More than 2500 participants gave their votes for the candidates – and gave us very exciting reasons for their choices.

Our biggest success yet was through your support of our crowdfunding-campagn. You gave us your trust along the way – and a financial base to continue our work. Excitingly, the Swiss federal agency for culture proved to be convinced by our project and supports us financially.


We give dance a voice through our film. We want to offer to everyone involved in dance here in Switzerland the opportunity to participate in the making of the film. Our main wish is to shine a light on the challenges this profession offers – but also emphasize its power to enchant and its meaning to society.

Another topic we want to touch is the integrative powers of dance – reaching from dance projects with mentally and physically disabled people or dance as a gateway to society for migrants. There are countless beautiful examples how dances unites people of all kinds and leads to a more tolerant society as a whole.


We promised you interactivity – now we aim to deliver.

So far, our website wasn't as interactive as we wanted it to be. Your means of influencing the film were very limited. THIS we aim to change: We present to you an internet platform enabling communication in both ways; a place where you can leave your fingerprints. You will have the chance to participate in the film project, to guide it and to express your wishes. We talked to members of the dance communitiy and film makers and tried to understand what an „interactive website with the goal of creating a film“ should be like. Thus we want to start the storytelling phase from scratch and do things a bit differently this time around.

With the start of the new plattform, a new area for us and our project is commencing. We want to make a truly interactive documentary and give dance a true voice through it. But for this, we need you: Participate, friends and lovers of dance, and help us to keep the right direction on this journey.


Giuseppe Bucci
Annika Nauke
Marc Ugolini
Cloé Christen
Natalie Wagner
Cüneyt K.
Sarah Shantay
Nadja H.
Christa Zaugg
Remo J.
Florence S.
Andrea v. G.
Andrea N. B.
Daniela u. Martina
Dominique D.
Ambre P.
Zoe L.
Jochen H.
Alia M.
Barbara R.
Les Ganaches
Evelyn G.
Christine M.
Valérie B.
Elen P.
Daniel y Lorena


Our supporters – our fundament. When we started out with our projects, we asked friends of dance and culture for their support. We were truly overwhelmed by all the love and support pouring in – a huge motivation to keep us and our work going! Thank you for your trust, people!

Joëlle A.
Markus A.
Natasha A.
Timo A.
Till A.
Martin A.
Karin A.
Olivia A.
Marc B.
Konrad B.
Juliane B.
Katja B.
Florence B.
Sandra B.
Vera B.
Philippe B.
Valérie B.
Juliane B.
Christian B.
Alexandra B.
Brigitta B.
Alain B.
Cloé C.
Claudia C.
Miriam D.
Pierre S.
Stefan D.
Michael D.
Jean-Christophe D.
Meret E.
Marlise E.
Lara E.
Suse E.
Charly E.
Marianne E.
Edith F.
Ruben F.
Natascha F.
Henning F.
Anita F.
Jacqueline F.
Melanie F.
Andi F.
Jeanine F.
Verena G.
Desiree K. G.
Wolfgang G.
Nikki G.
Jonas H.
Andrea H.
Thomas H.
Karla H.
Regula H.
Fritz H.
Melanie H.
Annette H.
Rita H.
Cyrill J.
Andika J.
Lhamo J.
Lars K.
Angela K.
Andrea K.
Simone K.
Alexandra K.
Jasmin K.
Lennart K.
Daniel K.
Brigitte K.
Peter K.
Andrea L.
Anna L.
Nadine L.
Ursula L.
Hugo L.
Olena L.
Ulrike Ashisha M.
Oliver M.
Martin S.
Marc M.
Andi M.
Simona M.
Annika N.
Joris N.
Thomas P.
Lucas P.
Alex R.
Catherine R.
Stefanie R.
Erika R.
Barbara R.
Sam S.
Romina S.
Roger S.
Ali S.
Anna S.
Lena S.
Sarah S.
Alfred .
Sven S.
Moritz S.
Sven S.
Florence S.
Juliane S.
Marissa S.
R. Jodok S.
Sarah S.
Maya S.
Corinne S.
Peggi S.
Marina S.
Sulamith E.
Nina S.
Natalie T.
Lisa Ü.
Mario U.
Nathalie U.
Nadine V.
Claudina V.
Laura V.
Hanna W.
Karin W.
Christian W.
Andrea W.
Remo W.
Pascal W.
Anita W.
Andreas W.
Andrea W.
Kari W.
Ruke W.
Matthias Z.
Stéphanie Z.
Christa Z.
Jan Z.
Monika Z.
Romea B.


While the fundament of our project are all of the people in the list above, the pillars are built by the companies and associations helping and supporting us and our project. We thank you in the name of our team.